Rethinking Arabic

In this section I'm going to try to add some thoughts about learning Arabic. The driving force behind this website is an effort to reconceive Arabic education, and that won't happen unless I also get people thinking. I'm starting with this first article on diglossia and will hopefully add more soon.

Rethinking Diglossia : a short writing encouraging learners of Arabic to reconsider the biggest challenge in learning the language, diglossia.

Rethinking Teaching Arabic : a short piece on how teaching Arabic can be revised to help students better access the language.

كيفَ نُضِرُّ أنفسَنا عندَما نحدّدُ توقُّعاتنا لتعلُّمِ اللغةِ العربيةِ
How We Hurt Ourselves when We Set Low Expectations for Learning Arabic

A Response to "Elias Muhanna's "Translating “Frozen” Into Arabic